18 Oct 2020 - 25 Oct 2020 | 10:00 am - 10:45 am

We certainly understand and respect that not everyone is ready for this return. We pray for everyone’s health and safety.

The Courtyard provides a beautiful and natural outdoor “amphitheatre” space for our service of glory unto God. Bring your own chair

Thank you for your observation of health and safety practices during our entire time on campus!

  • We continue to be only OUTSIDE.
  • We are wearing MASKS.
  • We are practicing SOCIAL DISTANCING (staying seated at least 6 feet apart unless from same household).
  • This is all done in the spirit of respect for one another and to practice the Jesus-following love principle of DO NO HARM.

What a privilege it is to gather and worship! Perhaps the Pandemic Era is reminding us of something that maybe we took for granted. All are invited to come and join us in praise and worship in the FAUMC Courtyard! *In the event of RAIN the worship service will be cancelled. Also, if you are unable to attend the worship service it is on video. Simply go to our FAUMC website and click on “Media” tab. Then, click “Sermons/Worship) to enable watching the worship service on Youtube.

  • Here is a summary sheet of FAUMC RE-ENTRY INTO SANCTUARY
    • (Rescheduled for Sunday, November 1)
    • Please pray for our health and safety as we return to our Sanctuary for worship
    • If we have any symptoms of illness we should refrain from attending. Also, if you feel compromised by attending worship, please do not.  We will post videos of worship via email and Facebook.
    • To comply with North Carolina; WNCC UMC; and, FAUMC COVID-19 guidelines we are all asked to wear a mask at all times in the Sanctuary during our worship.
    • May we all practice the “3-W’s”
      • Wear Mask
      • Watch Distance between yourself and others
      • Wash hands often.
    • Worship is at 10:00AM. Doors are locked until 9:45am.  Upon entrance please go to a seat.  Due to pandemic we ask us not to mingle and socialize.
      • ENTRANCE is at office door.
      • EXIT is at hallway by Sanctuary rest rooms.
    • Per regulations/guidelines our worship capacity (to allow social distancing) is seventy (70) persons – 50 in Sanctuary and 20 in Penley Room
    • Please dress warmly, if cold weather. We will have the Sanctuary heat on (because it is radiated heat, which is in our favor for pandemic era).  However, we will have natural air, with sliding doors and windows (Penley Room) open for fresh air to circulate.
    • ** This will be very different! However we are grateful to God that we may gather again inside for worship.
    • Please reach out to Pastor Michael or any of the other members of the Leadership Team (Bat Hudson, Charlie Kooles, Rosie Kooles, Veronica Crook, Robert McCain, Peggy Milroy, Danya Sellers) if you have questions or concerns regarding re-entry procedures & protocol.